X509 Certificates for WSE and WCF - Part 2

I am writing this post as an extension to the previous one, "Creating X509 Certificates for WSE or WCF"

I lately received some feedback from a colleague Albert, and I think it is worth mentioning.

Albert came out with a common dilemma nowadays, "how to buy a X509 certificate for his application to a well know certificate authority".

The main problem here is that these vendors only sell closed products such as e-mail certificates, or SSL certificates, they hardly know about the requirements for WSE (I guess, WCF should have similar requirements).

According to what Albert found out, a certificate for WSE should have the following attributes:

KeyUsage: Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation, Key Encipherment, Data Encipherment (f0)

Enhanced Key Usage: Client Authentication (

this one seems to be optional - Server Authentication (

But, most SSL certificates have the following properties:

KeyUsage: Digital Signature, Key Encipherment (a0)

Enhanced Key Usage: Server Authentication ( Client Authentication (

Which explains why a normal SSL certificate can not be used by WSE (and you receive the "Certificate does not support data encryption" error message).

As a result, knowing those requeriments, Albert could finally buy the right certificate to one of the well-know vendors. (Sorry, I will not add any marketing stuff here). So, if you ever need to buy a certificate for WSE or WCF, ask for those certificate characteristics to avoid any problem in advance.


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