Amazon Kindle When You Don’t Own a Kindle

You don’t need to shell out the $250+ for a Kindle – use your iPhone, netbook or PC!

For Christmas my lovely bride got me an iPod Touch. Now I am usually not a gadget guy, but this is one of the things I had really wanted since I got her an iTouch for last year’s Christmas. After doing the normal setup I started looking around the AppStore. One of the apps that stuck out to me was Kindle for iPhone.

Now when Amazon first introduced the Kindle, my first impression was that I probably wouldn’t like it. For some reason I figured that I would prefer to feel a real paper book in my hand. After installing and using Kindle for iPhone I can say that preference no longer exists.

I love being able to just pull out my iPod and continue reading a book right where I left off wherever I am at!

So I figured that if there was an iPhone version of Kindle, then there was probably a PC version as well. Minutes after installing Kindle for PC I had the same book synchronized to my netbook. This experience was great for reading while holding our newborn baby – no hands necessary. I was fortunate enough to received one of the PDC netbooks (thanks Microsoft and Infragistics for letting me keep it!) so I could use the touch screen features to simply reach up and turn to the next page.

Finally I installed Kindle for PC on my work laptop so I could also have the same books available should I have some time and want to read on a large monitor form factor.

So if you want most of the benefits of a Kindle reader and don’t want to empty your pockets for the Kindle device you now have the next best thing!


  • Hum... I've seen an Acer like that somewhere... :p

  • LOL... I should have actually READ your post and not just looked at the pretty pictures. LOL... Doh!

    MS was WAY smart in giving these out. At least in my case it has sold me on x64 AND Touch (for PC/notebook form factors). It adds a very interesting additional control service... My poking/swiping at monitor finally does something. Love that... :)

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