Fundamentals of HTML5 Talk at SoCal .NET User Group

I had a great time last night presenting the Fundamentals of HTML5 to the friendly faces at the SoCal .NET User Group. Lionel Wong and Art Villa run a great group!

During this talk, I discussed the new semantic tags and the various JavaScript APIs available in HTML5. If you were at the meeting and would like to review the code, you may download it here.


  • Craig
    It was great talking to you and also absorbing a lot of HTML5. From the presentation, I got the sense that a lot of what HTML 5 is offering or will offer is already available in Silverlight 4 today. As a developer, I am thinking in the near term I'll invest in Silverlight. And when the adoption for HTML 5 comes around, then deep dive into HTML/JQuery/CSS3 etc. Love the polymorphic/pixel8 podcasts. keep 'em coming man!

  • Hi Craig,

    Missing the podcasts man!! Any news on when you'll be back?

    Nice one,


  • Real soon. Now that I have my first Pluralsight series done, I can concentrate more on the next podcast. Thanks, Rob!

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