System.(Web.)Caching myth dispelled.


Another myth dispelled! Last year we had an ADNUG presentation where the presenter (name withheld to protect the innocent) claimed that one should not use the great caching classes in System.Web.Caching outside of Asp.Net.


For some reason this has been bugging we ever since I heard it. Probably because I think the Cache and CacheDependency classes are petty nifty and I hate to see them constrained to ASP.Net apps only.


Last week, I finally had a chance to get a definitive answer. Rob Howard was presenting at the architect council and I took the opportunity to find out what the deal is. After all, I might want to use caching in other apps, too, like WSE web services that don't run in IIS for example.


Rob's answer was just what I wanted to hear. It's fine to use the cache class outside of Asp.Net !! I'm glad it was just a myth. Now I just would like to know why they had put the caching classes under System.Web and not under System. It would certainly prevent mtyths like that from ever coming up in the first place.


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