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In the course of preparing a soon-to-come showcase on ASP.NET MVC I needed to redirect a controller method to another controller's. I found this post by Matt hawley that got me started but I had to fix a bug. Since I had already created my own extension methods to allow sending a file as attachment, I took the liberty of repackaging Matt's code and mine into a single class.

Zipped source code is here :

So what's in it ? 

A. Changes from Matt's code :

I changed all RedirectToAction<T>(this T controller, ... to RedirectToAction<T>(this Controller controller, ...  so that the target controller (T) does not have to be the invoking controller (this).

I also moved the class to System.Web.Mvc so that it doesn't require additional usings. It's enough that you include the code in your project.

B. My extension methods :

I first created a DelegatedActionResult which allows Controller methods to delegate execution of the action, like so :

return new DelegatedActionResult(c => c.HtppContext.response.Close());

Then I used this to extend the Controller class with a new method SendFileAsAttachment, which comes in two flavours : you can either provide a filename or a delegate that get called to write into the http response stream.

    public ActionResult GetLogo(string companyName)
        return this.SendFileAsAttachment(Server.MapPath("~/App_Data/Logos/" + companyName + ".jpg"));


    public ActionResult GetFile(int fileId)
        var database = DataProvider.GetFileManager();
        return this.SendFileAsAttachment(database.GetFilename(fileId),
                                        (fileId, outputStream) =>
                                         database.LoadFile(fileId, outputStream));


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