Window Phone 7 Unleashed Event Recap - Los Angeles

Yesterday, I had the honor of presenting at a Windows Phone 7 Unleashed event in Los Angeles. The event consisted of a set of hands on labs (HOLs) and sessions that walked the attendees through the basics of creating applications on the phone. All the material was put together by Daniel Egan, one of our great local evangelists in Southern California. The application built during the labs, called Uncorked; integrated with and demonstrated how to leverage launchers and choosers as well as the fundamentals of network calls from the phone: 


At the end of the event, a contest was held to see who could create the most interesting application within the allotted time. Some of the submissions were very creative, including one that was built with the XNA framework and leveraged a Wii Remote (aka wiimote) to move pieces around. Here are some, but not all of the submissions:

WinPhone Game (Wii Remote):

DSC_0758   DSC_0756

Movie Meteor:


Coin Toss:




Stock Wave:


Weather Forecast:


If you are interested in attending one of these events in your area, check out msdn events.


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