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  • SignalR 1.1 beta

    We released SignalR 1.1 yesterday with a bunch of performance improvements and new features (detailed in the release notes). Among these new features, were improvements to the .NET client including the ability to set custom headers, client certificates and a custom JSON serializer. We also fixed a long standing issue people were experiencing in IE7 and IE8 with the loading bar showing up forever in the browser. However, most of this release focused on rewriting SignalR’s scaling out story from the ground up.

  • Microsoft ASP.NET SignalR

    Yes, you read that right, Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR. It’s been a while since I last blogged as we’re super busy trying to make SignalR rock solid and 1.0 quality for you all to use. I’ve also given my first talk ever at Monkeyspace and then BUILD - both on SignalR. SignalR 1.0 alpha has been live for just over 2 weeks on NuGet, and a few seconds ago I just published alpha2. A lot has changed since 0.5.3 and there have been several people poking around trying to find out what’s changed and what’s new in the alpha. There’s also been lots of confusion about what to use, so I’m going to clear things up by enumerating the list of major changes.

  • SignalR 0.5.1 Released

    Here comes another exciting release of SignalR. This release has some new features that you can take advantage of as well as a few bug fixes. Let’s go over the big changes for this release.

  • API Improvements made in SignalR 0.5

    We made lots of breaking changes in 0.5 in order to gain more API consistency across the board. Some of the changes may not affect you if you weren’t doing anything with lower level APIs. These types of breaking changes will obviously slow down as we get closer to a 1.0 release.

  • SignalR 0.5

    This is the rebirth of my blog. I’ve been busy over the last few months with projects like JabbR, SignalR and other stuff. With the upcoming release of SignalR 0.5, I thought it’d be good to write a blog post that touches on some of the things we did.

  • Dynamic LINQ Part 2 (Evolution)

    A while ago, Scott Gu blogged about a Dynamic LINQ library that was part of the C# samples in VS2008. This library let developers put together late bound LINQ queries using a special syntax. This really comes in handy when you want to build a LINQ query based on dynamic input. Consider the following example:

  • Microsoft.Data.dll - A re-introduction

    Before we look at the reasons for the existence of Microsoft.Data, we need some background on the WebMatrix initiative. Here are some excellent blog posts that describe the type of audience we are going after and the goals of the project: