Some golden rules to adhere by when thinking about features

When we started doing a spec for ProjectDistributor Justin and I had some long chats about what features we wanted in and how they would be implemented.  In fact, there were dozens of features that we discussed and, as we progressed we found that we needed a better methodology for quickly deciding whether features would be winners or losers.  Additionally, we needed a better way to describe new features to one another so that we didn't waste cycles trying to understand what the other person was trying to say. 

Justin quickly decided that anything we planned on adding or any new derivations, we should bounce these questions off:

  1. What problem are we trying to solve (or innovation we are trying to make)?
  2. How do we solve that problem?
  3. What are some existing systems that solve the same problem in the same or different ways?
  4. How is our system different from previous systems and what innovation are we adding?

We've found that this allows us to trade the ideas back and forth in an idea oriented way while allowing us to show any innovations in a problem solving way.

We've now decided - based on our success with them - to add these to ProjectDistributor.  Soon, when adding projects, you will be offered the choice to answer each of these questions.  This will allow people who are viewing your project to quickly gain a better understanding of why your tool rocks!


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