Sonic Stylus Studio 5.0

I’ve been using Stylus since in was called Excelon Stylus 2.0, and the new Sonic Stylus Studio 5.0 is one heck of a XSLT IDE.  In the previous version (4.5) they released a WYSIWYG editor (way before anyone else), and also added support for the .Net XML processor (along with existing support for MSXML, Xalan-J, Saxon, and their own processor), Source Control support, and post process support for XSL-FO via Apache FOP .  Now with version 5.0 they have added:

  • XQuery Editor and Debugger - The market's first and only XQuery editor and debugger supports the May 2003 W3C specifications.
  • Web Service Call Composer - Lets you compose and send a SOAP request without writing any code.
  • XSLT Profiler - Analyzes XSLT code performance. Provides detailed statistics in a customizable HTML report.

My favorite has to be the XSLT Profiler.  It isn’t perfect, but it definitely helps you analyze your XSLT code and make some performance enhancements.

 If you are working with XSLT, I’d suggest that you check this tool out. 


Updated to include the link, duh.


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