Major VS.Net and SVG Annoucement At XMLDevCon

I'm currently in the middle of the Whidbey XML Tools Demo at the XMLDevCon, and the biggest thing for me was the announce of SVG support in the next version of VS.Net.  That includes an editor and a rendering engine.  This is the first time MS has offically released anything that could render SVG.

Update:  Ken Levy cleared this up after I posted this.  He stated that there are no plans to release the SVG renderer in the XMLDevCon demo.  Sorry about the confusion.  But, since we now know they have a prototype, maybe we can convince them to build a full fledged render (or just use SharpVectors).  Best thing to do is to let MS know you really, really want this.



  • Very surprising indeed. Are they going to abandon their own VML for this?

  • Is this related to SharpVectorGraphics?

  • The MS SVG rendering engine is their own (still gave to confirm this). At the end of the presentation Ken mentioned that the XML Tools work with VS.Net 2003 and my be released for free later this year. XSLT is also part of this. But he also mentioned that the SVG rendering engine may not be released with the other XML Tools.


  • There is some incorrect information posted here unfortunately. I did show a mini SVG rendering tool to show how we can take an XML file (in the case, SVG) and have a .NET WinForm to display it. We do NOT have any plans to release any SVG rendering engine, and in fact the one I showed was not a fully working model. I only used this internal SVG uitlity to show the XML editor demo, but it had nothing to do with SVG tools. That little prototype of an SVG rendering tool has no plans on being released. I will pass feedback on to the right people at Microsoft that something like this is desired, but I think we have heard that feedback already. There are 3rd party SVG tools available already. - Ken

  • why do we need another svg render? it is hard enough as it is trying to work around incompatibilities between existing players.

  • SVG is not going away, you know...

  • It would be nice to have SVG viewing built into a major OS, rather than have to have people download and install it. ASV 3.0 has been a difficult sell for our users who have to rely on their sys admins for approval/installation.

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