About .NET Edge in Australia

Edge Pereira, superedge picture photoHi mate! Welcome to my technical blog here at www.asp.net.

My name is Edge and I am a Microsoft Professional Developer and Technology Specialist in ASP.NET (MCP, MCPD, MCTS) currently living in Brisbane, Australia. The subjects I like most are software engineering, project management and of course .NET Web programming, another passion of mine is digital photography so you should expect with the posts some pictures that I take during my days here Down Under.

We know that you can find hundreds of blogs out there talking about how to do things at the code level and news about links and what's being released and what's going on within Microsoft; This one is a little bit different.

In this blog I want to offer to you a different channel where I want to share and discuss about the technical issues, implementations, architectures and solutions that we face every day, but from a helicopter view, closer to the architectural designs. So this way I can offer something else instead the regular Microsoft-techie-blog :-) Expect lots of designs and explanations using funny drawings.

Of course I am glad to join this incredible group of bloggers contributing here at the ASP.NET and I hope I can give you some valuable information useful to you in some way, and of course learn from your guys. In this life we always have a chance to learn something new everyday. If you somehow feel like contacting me, just send a message to edge [at] superedge.net.

For now, I think that's it, we have lots of things to do and talk, don't we? So, see ya later and I hope to hear from you soon, my dear friend.