Code Generation vs. Runtime O/R Mapper Debate

There is a great discussion going on over in the ASP.NET forums.  The thread started as a “What's the best O/R mapper“ question, but seems to have quickly morphed into a “Code Generation vs. Runtime O/R Mapper Debate“.  Check it out here:


  • No it has nothing to do with “Code Generation vs. Runtime O/R Mapper Debate“. The discussion is about what's your favorite data-access solution. However because the topic starter used 'O/R mapper' instead of 'data-access solution' I think some participants in the discussion have the feeling htey're in the wrong discussion.

  • (more explanation).

    I use code generation as well. I find it essential. The fun is: the generated code is targeting a set of runtime libs which allow you to do things at runtime which are not possible with static code. That's the main difference. People using Codesmith to generate Data access code miss that set of runtime libs. The discussion contains some people who apparently forget that :)

  • Sorry for not responding, I think it would be better to keep the discussion going in the thread rather than to start it all over again here.

  • Warning: you are going to need to take a shower after reading that "great discussion." It is one of the most wretched pieces of dishonest discourse (with one or two exceptions on either side) that I have ever subjected myself to. I can't help but think that Eric posted it because the bellicose behavior of one or two of the O/R mapper guys reflects pretty badly on them. (you'll have to make up your own mind if its "one" or "two") There is no doubt that there was plenty of nastiness on the other side, but Eric was a reasonably good boy, so ...

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