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  • New weblog

    I’ve got a new blog, on the MSDN blog server that I’ll be using for my blogging while I’m a Microsoft employee. Not sure whether I will continue updating my weblogs.asp.net blog or not, but most of my blogging energy will be directed at the new blog. The new address is: 

  • Now running under WPA...

    It took me a while, but I’ve finally upgraded my home network to use WiFi-Protected Access (WPA) instead of WEP for securing my wireless connectivity. The upgrade was complicated by a laptop with a built-in WLAN adapter that didn’t support WPA (I switched to using the wired connection on that one) and a wireless bridge that was the wrong hardware revision to support an upgraded firmware patch to enable WPA (a Linksys WET54G). The good news is that after a few frustrating phone calls to Linksys, they allowed me to swap my wireless bridge for the later revision, which supports WPA via a firmware update. I got the new unit today, updated the firmware, configured my router (WRT54G), bridge, and TabletPC to use WPA, and all is working quite nicely. If only it was as easy getting WPA-enabled hardware as it was to configure the settings…

  • Nifty solution to some of the problems of least privilege

    One of my fellow Microsofties has come up with a neat solution to some of the hassles of running your workstation using a non-admin account. My advice for getting around things you can’t do as a non-admin has long been to simply run programs from a command prompt that you’ve started with RunAs, using the credentials for an account with admin privileges. The problem is that some programs don’t play well in this scenario, particularly install programs that run based on specific settings for the user installing the program. When you run programs like this, they (and/or their settings) end up associated with the admin account you’re using, rather than your less-privileged account.

  • Lookout 1.2 Available for download

    Despite the concerns of some that Microsoft was taking it away from the community by acquiring the company, Microsoft has made Lookout, an add-in for searching through Outlook email stores quickly, available for download from the Microsoft download center. Enjoy!