Red pill


The big announcement that I hinted at last week is that, as of today, I have assumed the role of. NET developer evangelist with Microsoft, working in the East region. I want to say thanks to all the folks who've helped me develop the skills to get here, particularly my friends at INETA and ASPInsiders. I'm looking forward to helping folks in my new role. Though it may take me some time to get up to speed, feel free to ping me via the Contact link if I can be of assistance.

UPDATE: I'm ashamed to admit that I forgot to thank a very important group of people...the MVPs. Between my leads, my fellow ASP.NET MVPs, and others I've met through the program, I learned a good deal, and had a lot of fun. Thanks to Ben, John, and the rest for honoring me with the award, and for being great colleagues and friends.





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