CRM 2011 highlight & copy from a grid view

One of the annoying things with CRM 2011 is the inability to copy paste data from a list, the ability to highlight a record or cell has been disabled, I’m sure there was a good reason but we need this functionality.

Here is a work around if your deployment is on-premise.

  • Open up the CRMWeb\_static\_common\scripts\global.js file in a text editor
  • Find this line of code (line # 6902)
    Mscrm.GlobalEvents.$4Z_0 = function Mscrm_GlobalEvents$$4Z_0() {

    You’ll notice that there are a bunch of if statements checking to see if you’re trying to highlight a specific element, so what we want to do now is to make the smallest possible change to bypass the check.

  • Run your eye across the if statements until you find ‘ms-crm-Field-Data-Print

  • Change it to ‘ms-crm-List-DataCell’, what we’ve just done is excluded cells of grids and enabled highlighting.



  • Hello! after I Change it to ‘ms-crm-List-DataCell do i have to do something else? It's not working for me!
    appreciate an answer as soon as posible!

  • Hi, be careful with this tip, I already broke one CRM this way by editing global.js

    It was back to UR4: the rollup was checking global.js last changed date, and didn't update the file then ribbons were broken for the entire application.

    You should precise that this procedure is not supported

  • Hi Tangy,

    Yup it's unsupported.

    Rollups does a check on the file to see if it was modified, if it's notices that files are modified then it doesn't update the file.

    We should always keep a backup of the original file and restore it before applying rollups.

    PS, all my blog posts are proof of concepts and should not be taken and put into production environments without careful consideration :)

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