Sizing Fonts on VS editors

I added 2 new commands in the context menu on  text editors:  (They are included in the whidbeycommand 2.1 setup)

  • Demo Font (Enable and Disable)

Set the current font to Lucida Console 18

Enable resizing font using Ctrl + Mouse Wheel like in Internet Explorer.

Download Before install the commands you have to install the Microsoft Interop Assemblies



  • What code generation tool are you using?

  • I´m using DeKlarit Templates.

    DeKlarit has two code generation engines. One is written in Prolog and is used to generate the Business Logic and Data Layer of your application, this is the main and more complex generator of DeKlarit. The other engine is a template based generator and it is used to generate the UI Layer then you can customize your UI as you want.

    You can try Deklarit from, it has a 30 day trial. After this period you can continue using the template code generator.

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