Buildconsole is open source

This morning our team had a very interesting meeting with Jon 'Mad Dog" Hall, we were talking about many topics related with open source. I really enjoy the meeting.

When I developed BuildConsole I knew it was written in a "bad way", I didn't use patterns, I didn't follow styles rules,  I didn't localize the application, I hard coded a lot of things, etc. So, just in case I didn't open the code because of that.

Many times people asked to me for the code and I sent it. The last time Simone Busoli asked to me for open source the code and I accepted. So now you can contribute or use Buildconsole in

 Jon said something similar to: If you consider you are giving benefits to users with your product just open it, even if you consider your code ugly.

So, BuildConsole is open source right now.



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