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I’ve been very busy the last couple of months working on some really cool projects. Javier finally gave me authorization to talk about it. I am very happy to announce that Two Connect is releasing three brand new adapters for BizTalk Server 2006.


  • adapter for BizTalk Server 2006
  • Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 adapter for BizTalk Server 2006
  • SQL Server Service Broker adapter for BizTalk Server 2006 v1.5

These adapters are the result of an effort that includes Two Connect, Microsoft and some external contributors.

I’ll be introducing the adapter with Javier and my friend Ben Elliott ,who also happens to be the Program Manager for the adapter suite, this Thursday April 20th on an MSDN Webcast. You can register for the webcast at the followign address,


Also May 5th we will be doing another WebCast (not listed yet) to introduce the WSE 3.0 adapter with some members of the WSE product team.

Hope to see you there.

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