BizTalk Data Services v0.6 is here!!!!!!!

A few months ago we (Tellago) open sourced the first version of BizTalk Data Services. Essentially, BizTalk Data Services provides a RESTFul OData-based API to interact with BizTalk Server via HTTP using the Atom Publishing Protocol or JSON as the encoding mechanisms. The initial version was mostly focused on browsing, querying, searching BizTalk artifacts via a RESTful interface. The feedback received was awesome and it didn't take too long for some of my fellow BizTalk MVPs to request that we included update capabilities into the next version.

Today, we are happy to announce the second version of BizTalk Data Services which extends initial release with update capabilities which will allow BizTalk developers with the ability of performing tasks such as updating receive locations or send ports, stopping BizTalk hosts, etc. Tellago's architect Adrian Lopez lead the development effort on our end on which I believe is the first feature-completed version of the BizTalk Data Services API.

This version has been tested with various version of BizTalk Server and we have uploaded the source code, both on VS 2010 and VS 2008, to our Tellago's DevLabs workspace at Codeplex. I hope you enjoy this release. If you have any feedback please contact at jesus dot rodriguez at tellago dot com or use the project forums.

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