Enterprise Mobility Best Practices With Chris Love

Enterprise mobility is one of the hottest trends in today’s IT industry. However, like any other emerging technology space, the industry is still trying to learn about the challenges and establish best practices and patterns that can help organizations to efficiently leverage the connected devices revolution. Selecting the right technology stacks or frameworks, making appropriate choice between native, hybrid or mobile-web applications to the techniques, integrating mobile applications to backend systems in your datacenter or correctly testing and manage mobile application are just some of the challenges faced on the journey to the mobile enterprise

This Thursday, Tellago’s enterprise mobility practice lead Chris Love will be hosting a webinar to discuss some of the patterns, best practices and technologies that can help organizations to efficiently build enterprise mobile applications. Chris is a well-known thought leader in the enterprise mobility space and one of the most knowable and pragmatic architects you will ever meet ;)

Chris will be showing some practical solutions to some the most important challenges in mobile enterprise solutions. If we have time, Chris might even give you a sneak pick of a new and super exciting enterprise mobility platform we have been working on.

If you are interested in enterprise mobility you must attend this webinar, Chris promises to keep things interesting.

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