Getting a cup of coffee using the WCF Web APIs: Announcing RESTBucks.NET

The number of open source releases from the Tellago team keeps growing! At Tellago, we like to dedicate part of our time to work of fun projects that we consider could be a relevant open source complements to existing Microsoft technologies. You can periodically find those releases in our Tellago DevLabs Workspace.

Today, I am thrilled to announce the release of the RESTBucks.NET application. This application is based on the famous RESTBucks scenario highlighted in the REST in practice book authored by my friends Jim Webber, Ian Robinson and Savas Parastatidis

This sample application illustrates best practices for building RESTful services using the upcoming WCF Web APIs. The project started as a fun exercise within Tellago to master the WCF Web APIs but Jose Romaniello couldn’t contain his hacker instincts and took it all the way to build the entire application. Jose, is the main contributor to the current bits and plans to keep updating the application with the subsequent releases of the WCF Web APIs.

You can read more about the project at Jose’s weblog or at the RESTBucks.NET workspace.

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  • Hi, Jesus. This packege uses cutting age .NET approach and teaches a lot. The only thing I'm missing is a Database script in the package.

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