• Do you work for TellagoStudios? This link is nothing but an advert for their latest product.

    While the product is something that might interest people here, trying to disguise the fact that it's an advert is a pretty poor way to attract customers! >:(

  • Richard,

    I am one of the co-founders of Tellago Studios and I wrote the blog post I was referencing. We have plenty of ways to attract customers, I was just referencing a funny story.



  • The last time I saw a moesion posting, I considered writing a comment similar to Richard's in regards to advertising.

    I'm posting as anon so that I feel comfortable telling you that I already have a negative perception of your product because of the advert style of your postings.

  • Anon,

    Thanks for the feedback. I try to balance my posts between tech content and we are doing with Studios. Moesion is a ground breaking product, different from anything out there, that we are really proud about it and, consequently, I am going to post some content about it my different weblogs.

    If you know me a little bit, you should know I only post about products are really unique in the same way I only blog about unique technology topics. I am sorry if that affects your perspective about Moesion but I would truly advice to check it out. Its a very unique platform.



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