Listening to customers: A simpler SO-Aware installer

Simplicity and the ability to listen to customers are some of the principles behind SO-Aware and Tellago Studios for that matter. Building sophisticated software that is still simple and intuitive from the user/operator perspective is one of those fundamental missing links in enterprise software.

The ability of incorporating valuable customer feedback into your product quickly is one of those things that everybody says they do but only a handful of companies truly believe on. Having a team that is receptive to valuable/constructive feedback is one aspect that can make a difference between the success and failure of a product.

Looking at our current release, we think SO-Aware is incredibly simpler compared to the rest of the SOA Governance products in the current market. Certainly, you don't need a 200 page manual or an army of consultants to get up and running with SO-Aware. However, based on the feedback of some of SO-Aware's early adopters, we that we could improve our installation experience if you put a little bit more intelligence in the installer. Taking that feedback as a starting point, we decided to take a first stab at simplifying the SO-Aware installation experience.

After a couple of days of work, we launched our new SO-Aware installer and the feedback has been incredibly positive. We managed to simplify the installation experience to 4 STEPS!!!!!!. Let's take a look:

After the initial installation screen, you will the following page that helps you with the installation prerequisites :


After that you can customize the process by selecting which components to install:


At this point you can select the website on which to deploy the SO-Aware portal and service API:


After that you just need to configure the information required to deploy the SO-Aware database:


After that, YOU ARE DONE!!!!!! Seriously, at this point you are completely ready to install SO-Aware:


I hope you find this experience as simple as we do. We really need to thank our customers and partners for providing us with such a valuable feedback. If you have any other ideas about how to improve other aspects of SO-Aware don’t hesitate to email me at jesus dot rodriguez at tellago dot com


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