Moesion is making news

It’s been a week since we announced the private beta availability of Moesion and the reaction from customers, partners and the press have been incredible. I thought I’d take the time to highlight some of the press coverage that Moesion has received during the last few days.

·         InformationWeek: Run your datacenter from your IPhone: We had the pleasure of being interviewed by InformationWeek’s Charlie . Charlie is one of the savviest technical reporters I’ve ever seen and bombarded us questions about different aspects of Moesion. You can read the entire story here

·         BusinessNewsDaily: Yesterday we had a great chat with Ned Smith from BusinessNewsDaily. He wrote a very nice piece on Moesion which you can find here

·         Sys-Con Media: Pat Romanski from Sys-Con Media ran a very nice story on the release of Moesion. You can find it at

·         ReadWriteWeb: In its very concise and direct style, ReadWriteWeb was the first publication to cover the launch of Moesion. David Storm was interested on the story from the first day and was very supportive with our plans for Moesion. You can read the story here

·         CNBC: I have to admit that we were a bit surprised when we learned that our official press released about the launch of Moesion  made it all the way to CNBC. You can find it here

Many other publications have been covering Moesion in the last few days. You can find a lot of those at our News Center We have been humbled by the reaction and support we have received from the press.

More to come J


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