How to download PDC Sessions using DownThemAll! Firefox addon

Step 1: Open the blog post where links to the PDC Sessions you want are

Step 2: Open DownThemAll! Firefox addon

Step 3a: To download only zip files, check only "Archives (zip, rar, ...)"

Step 3b: To download all video files (wmv-hd, wmv, zune, mp4), check only "Videos (mpeg, avi, ...)"

Step 3c: To download only Windows Media Video in High Definition (wmv-hd), uncheck all filters, type "/WMV-HQ/" on "Filtragem Rápida" [quick filter]

Step 3d: To download only Powerpoint presentations, uncheck all filters, type ".pptx" on "Filtragem Rápida" [quick filter]

Step 4: Make sure "Salvar arquivos em" is set to the correct directory where files must be saved and change "Máscara para renomear" textbox value to "*text*.*ext*" so that local files names will have a more descriptive name than only the PDC Session ID

Step 5: Click "Adicionar pausado" button, which will add files to DownThemAll download queue, but paused, then DownThemAll! download queue will be shown

Step 6: Highlight the files to be downloaded or press CTRL + A in case all files are to be downloaded, then press the "Continuar" button on the toolbar

Update: As requested by Martin L. Shoemaker, the DownThemAll! addon can be downloaded from
If you need Firefox installer also, you can get it at

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