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  • Using WCF Services with PHP

    I recently wrote two postings on the subject of WCF services: WCF Services – Let's Get Started and WCF and Unit Tests. One could see that creating and testing services was not complicated at all. Let's go on and take some steps nearer to the real world – our service is used by SOAP clients running on different platforms.

  • Exporting GridView Data to Excel

    My current project required a way for exporting data to Excel. I could of course write a separate export method for every data set but in my opinion it would be a pointless waste of time. I would also like to utilise the existing functionality as much as possible – as it is, the lists going to Excel are displayed to the user in the browser.

  • WCF and Unit Tests

    Good practices demand tests for every new thing you have been able to get running. Otherwise our TDD chief is glum and moody during smoke breaks. So, to maintain the ever cheerful and busy climate in our office, this posting is going to discuss testing.

  • Hello, World!

    This is my welcome message to the world from my very own ASP.NET blog. I wrote mainly to my company's blog that is in estonian language. I will publish here best articles I have written about ASP.NET and related technologies. As I'm new to Community Builder it takes a little time to study it, so I try to publish here one post per week. I hope I'm able for more in near future. So, thank you for visiting this blog and have a nice stay!

  • WCF Services – Let's Get Started

    In connection with testing WCF services I had to get the services to work under IIS on my development computer. The default WCF services library created by Visual Studio does not automatically include IIS support. There were other small glitches that I was able to overcome nicely, in spite of everything.