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  • How to Update SharePoint List Items without Creating New Versions

    Migrating data from SP2001 to MOSS2007 is fun - if you know what I mean. During migration we discovered that migration tool has some serious bugs. I wrote some code that fixes some problems after importing process. There I found a problem - I needed to update list items without getting new versions of them after updates. Usually we see samples like this in internet:

  • Is Automatic Property Same as Property?

    I was listening one session on TechEd (night after long party, yeah) and I was thinking about automatic properties - are they really exact equivalent to usual properties? Something made me suspicious, so I opened my laptop at first free moment and checked out what's going on.

  • Windows Installer and Extensibility.dll

    Windows Installer is one of my favorite problem childs - of course, when it has mysteriuos problems. I found a problem when installing Outlook add-in on machine that has no extensibility features installed on it. Something was missing and installer gave me the famous "Unable to get installer types" error. After pointless waste of time tracing installer and checking its logs I checked out what's going on in file system.