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  • IIS won’t start – Error 13: The data is invalid.

    After restarting my virtual development machine IIS was not able to start anymore. I checked out if there is something reported to Event Viewer and I found the following error message – Error 12: The data is invalid. It turned out that during shutdown of my virtual machine IIS config file was ruined. Solution to my problem was very simple.

  • Creating squared avatar images

    Gunnar In one of my current projects I needed something that takes image uploaded by user and converts it to avatar image. There is requirement for avatar images: they must be 32x32 pixel squares. Here is my solution.

  • Using LINQ to query object hierarchies

    I used LINQ to solve the following problem: find all titles of objects at hierarchy level X when you know object ID in hierarchy level Y. I cannot imagine if there is some other solution that is same short and clear as one that LINQ provides. Take a look and decide by yourself.