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  • Improved version of ASP.NET checkbox list values collecting method

    In my last post about ASP.NET MVC checkbox list I came up with solution that makes it easy to update values in collection based on what was selected by user. I made some more progress meanwhile and here you can find improved version of collection update that breaks base class dependencies intoduced by previous solution. 

  • Code Information Indicators in Visual Studio 2013

    Visual Studio 2013 introduces new code editor enhancement called Code Information Indicators (CII). CII is set of code editor extensions that make it easier to get information about code structure and changes. Also tests and test results can be easily accessible from code editor. In this posting I will introduce you most important new code indicators.

  • New way of creating web applications on Visual Studio 2013

    Yesterday Visual Studio 2013 Preview was released and now it’s time to play with it. First thing I noticed was the new way how to create web applications. For all web applications there is generic dialog where you can set all important options for your new web application before it is created. Let’s see how it works. Also let’s take a look at new blue theme of Visual Studio 2013.

  • Office 365 new public sites

    As I got my Office365 developers benefit activated I decided to try out if public sites on SharePoint are ready for real use or not. The progress is markable and although Microsoft is extremely careful with activating functionalities on public sites there’s still lot of work done and I think it’s worth to take a look at new version of public sites. Here is my first quick overview.

  • Surface RT–first impressions

    Couple months ago I bought Surface RT because I needed some lightweight business supporting thing to take with me sometimes. Carrying ~3kg development laptop is not always fun, specially when you have long days and you need to move from one place to another often. Surface RT turned out to be pretty good investment and here are my first real-life experiences.

  • How my company uses Windows Azure in development process

    I have used MSDN Ultimate Windows Azure benefit from the day it was made available and from this day I have more and more used Windows Azure on my everyday’s development work. I’m building mostly web-based applications and services and Windows Azure fits well for this scenario. In this posting I will introduce you how Windows Azure supports development work in practice of one small software company.

  • Better solution for ASP.NET MVC checkbox list

    Couple of years ago I worked out my first solution for checkbox list in ASP.NET MVC. Today I got some markable simplifications done and my solution is close to state where some nice-to-have tweaks can be done to add more automatics to controller side but solution is also good enough how it is like now. Let’s see how to get checkbox list functionality done with couple of simple steps.

  • Using client certificates on Windows Azure

    In one of current projects we needed to deploy one Windows Azure site that supports SSL and requires client certificates. Until it’s just about deploying SSL site wo Windows Azure there’s nothing complex but when modifying IIS settings is required then some coding is needed. Here is the example.

  • TFS 2013 Team Rooms

    One new feature that is coming with Team Foundation Server 2013 and this is already available onTeam Foundation Service is called Team Rooms. Team Rooms are virtual rooms where team members can communicate with each other. Logs are saved by date and this way all important direct communication is there also for later dates.

  • Using Visual Studio database post-deployment scripts in practice

    Visual Studio database projects support database post-deployment scripts you can use to make additional modifications to database or to insert some test data. In my work I use database projects and post-deployment scripts very often. In this posting I will introduce you how to use post-deployment scripts to make dealing with database and data easier for developers.

  • My blog is moving

    I’ve been blogger here years for now and it’s time to move to more advanced blogging environment where I have more control over what is going on. My new blog with current content is ready on address and all current/new readers are welcome there. Main RSS-feed is already displaying posts from new blog. While migration is in work I will post some posts here too with reference to new blog. Yes, you can go with my new blog as it is ready to serve you.