ASP.NET MVC: MVC Time Planner is available at CodePlex

I get almost every week some e-mails where my dear readers ask for source code of my ASP.NET MVC and FullCalendar example. I have some great news, guys! I ported my sample application to Visual Studio 2010 and made it available at CodePlex. Feel free to visit the page of MVC Time Planner.

NB! Current release of MVC Time Planner is initial one and it is basically conversion sfrom VS2008 example solution to VS2010. Current source code is not any study material but it gives you idea how to make calendars work together. Future releases will introduce many design and architectural improvements. I have planned also some new features.

How MVC Time Planner looks?

MVC Time PlannerImage on right shows you how time planner looks like. It uses default design elements of ASP.NET MVC applications and jQueryUI. If I find some artist skills from myself I will improve design too, of course. :)

Currently only day view of calendar is available, other views are coming in near future (I hope future will be week or two).

Important links

And here are some important links you may find useful.

If you have any questions or you are interested in new features then please feel free to contact me through MVC Time Planner discussion forums.


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