SharePoint: Access denied error when adding new page to page library

On one of my servers I detected very weird error. There are authenticated users who can add content to some page libraries and modify pages they have made. One day suddenly they were not able to add pages to page library anymore because of Access Denied error. Well, thanks Google, God and Clinton Cherry for saving my ass this time.


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  • I have created an aspx page & uploaded it in the pages document library.When I access this page with system account, it works fine but when I try to access this page with viewers permission level, it gives access denied error.
    Please help.


  • Check out page status (checked out), publishing status (approved, waiting) and also item level permissions.

  • Thanks for the solution, works for me, but I'm curious as to why it's needed as previously we could upload as contributors with no access to the master gallery and suddenly it stopped working. Any ideas?

  • I have a similar issue...I’ve created several “lists” on different pages and only want certain people to have access to submit info. I set up the visitor group to have contribute access only to that access to the rest of the site. Some users in that group can submit info into the list, however, some people get an error "access denied". Everyone with the full control permission level can submit information. The strange thing is that I have set up all the forms the same way. There are two lists that work and two that don't. One of the lists used to work fine and suddenly stopped working.

  • RBB, it seems to be deeper problem. I have also noticed this chaotic behavior. After searching reasons and just gave up. I use custom pages with custom code behind them and that works for my current solution at least.

  • Thanks a lot. I helped me to solve the issue

  • thank you ... this helped to resolve the issue we have been having

  • Excellent post. Works like a Champ!!!

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