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Thinking about it, it makes no sense for Google to release a Web browser just for the sake of releasing one.  Why hurt FireFox?  Why risking releasing a product that will be scrutinized for security flaws?  It just doesn't make any sense.

So why do it?  The only sensible reason I came with is this one:  they want a better "runtime" for their Gmail, Documents and other Web apps.  Why?  Creating complex Ajax apps cost too much right now and on top of that, the browser was not meant to host such complex apps.  Google surely wants to reduce their development cost and they surely want to offer more functionality but they are limited right now by the platform itself, the Web browser.  By releasing their own browser, they will control the platform.

So there it is, Google Chrome is not a browser, it's Google's application runtime.  They are not going after IE or FireFox, they are going after Silverlight and Flash as an application runtime.

At some point, you'll see advanced capabilities with Gmail or Documents if you run them from Chrome and people won't complain because it's Google.  Simply.

What do you think?  Any other crazy thoughts?


  • I think you'r right on this subject, but why not create a better javascript engine for firefox they are already funding it. Maybe they also want this to be the "browser" to use with their "Google Gears"

  • It's a good point of view.

    Perhaps Google wishes to provide advanced features using Google Chrome with Google applications ; other browser may have basic ones.

  • Well, this is exactly what Google itself is saying, Guy.

    Now, if you see how well described the architecture is, and how they opened up the code and how they keep sponsoring Mozilla, what I see is an intention to fuel browser innovation as a whole.

    If Chrome is not a big hit but it pushes the envelop on the whole spectrum (particularly in javascript improvements), the Google wins anyways.

    My only disagreement with you would be that I don't think they will tie application functionality to Chrome, because this would limit their user base. It is just that any AJAX-heavy app will run better while they keep the fastest JS engine, but someone will come up with something better at some point, and they know it.


  • I think you are partly right. The other main reason for Google to create Chrome is total control and traceability of all user actions and content viewed. If you read the posts about the license agreement you see that you give Google every right to do whatever they like with all content you view with Chrome. This data is valuable for Google and is probably fed into Adsense, Adwords and perhaps even Googles indexing service too.

    Don't be surprised if you receive targeted ads on a web site about something you just read on a company intranet. Google sees all and knows all. Soon the Google database will become self-aware and take over all computers.

  • Hi I just think one thing after running fiddler in background of chrome:

    Google is a f**cking spy

  • All I know is that IE looks pathetic in comparison, and this is a beta of a version 1 browser and already is way better. MS really needs to step up.

  • i think you are wrong. It's a browser. Why hurt firefox? Why pay firefox $57 million a year when you can make your own browser?

    Google is making a browser. Simple as that. They aren't sending your usage data back, they aren't putting ads in it, they are making a fast browser and code base that other people can extend.


  • This reason alone is worth it for them. Throw in all the rest of the great reasons and it' no wonder they released a browser!

    Also, is IE8 going to be delayed by the release of Chrome.

  • Armin, can you explain what you said yesterday? Thanks.

  • Delf, he must be refering to this:

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