Managed Services Engine – Have you used it?

Hey services gurus!

I saw someone from Microsoft demo Managed Services Engine last week.  It wasn’t aware of that project before so I’m curious to see if any of you looked or used it.  Is it useful?  Benefits and drawbacks?  How can it be positioned against Dublin?

I’m surprised that the download numbers are so low and that it is still in CTP.

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  • Hi Guy,

    I think MSE and Dublin could work together, they are totally complementary. Dublin at this moment is a hosting environment for running long-running workflow services, it provides an infrastructure and tools for deploying and managing those services (with a nice UI integration in IIS or through powershell scripts).

    MSE is more related to service governance and virtualization, it provides tools and policies for having a better control of the services and their usage (It is basically a WCF router that executes custom code to enforce the configured policies). Therefore, you could have MSE on top of Dublin.

    One of my big clients in the U.S, which have a SOA infrastructure in place, decided to try MSE a couple of months ago. They finally decided to use a custom solution for governance, they said that MSE still needed a lot of improvements to be used in real production applications.


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