Windows 7 Beta - Acer AspireOne Performance - OMG!


I installed Windows 7 Beta on my Acer AspireOne netbook and OMG!  It runs in 1/2 Gig of RAM!!!  And look at the CPU usage: 1%!!!

And this is on a tiny Acer AspireOne netbook with a Windows Experience Index of 2.2!!!



  • Haha, that's awesome. That's an Atom CPU, right? I have the Toshiba NB100 (basically the same as the One). Right now I'm using it as my primary development desktop - it drives my 23" monitor at 2048x1152, and with an external keyboard and mouse it is very useable. No wonder Intel is scared of people building proper laptops with Atom.

  • Wow, just checked memory consumption on my old Fujitsu-Siemens laptop with 512 RAM (latest Windows 7 build). It is just 248 mb :)))

  • Is there a change it will run faster than Vista? That's really cool, cause Vista is not that fast on laptops as I'd like to.

  • I installed the win7 beta on my A150 hard disk 1g mem edition, works really well, except the wlan driver causes the system to bsod. f I disable the wlan the os works really well... This is a little akward since disabling the wlan makes the netbook a heavy paperweight :)

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