ASP.Net Design Patterns Book Review

Design Patters Book Cover

 I've had this book for quite some time now and it definitely deserves a long overdue review.  I was looking for something that gave an up to date insight on how real applications are built using some of the most popular and proven patterns.  There are too many books around that go head first into one specific way of doing things, and it quickly becomes apparent that you cant apply a lot of the techniques to real world situations.  This book is not one of those. 

Scott provides an introduction to some popular and common design patterns (at which point you will probably find yourself saying 'oh yeah, i used that in <insert your previous project here>'), how they are categorized and most importantly how to read, understand and apply them.  He then moves swiftly on to show how these can be used to piece together a rich layered framework on which to build an application.  There are various examples of how the various layers interact with each other, all in a very well explained manner, making it easy to understand for developers at any level. 

I made the mistake of taking this book into the office, and it has been the source of many conversations since.

Highly recommended.



  • Thank you for the review. I just bought this book from Amazon and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Thank you for reinforcing my purchase.

    Nowadays I only buy design pattern and refactoring books as they wont become obsolete anytime soon.

    Initially I was sold when I saw the chapter listings.


  • Ive got that book and also need to review it -
    I think its the dogs bollocks and should stop taking it into work and finish reading it - best book ive bought in years and I buy 4-5 books a year.

  • Thanks for sharing your review and personally I couldn't agree more with what you said.

    In addition, I'm just extremely into the case study part of this book since it demonstrates those design patterns by an end-to-end example application.

    Then, it's also part of office property here once some one brought in a paperpack of this book.

  • Great book!

  • A must Book with very good way of presentation.

  • Hi thanks for all the great comments!

    I am Scott the author, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you didn't like about the book more e.g. diagrams to show over view of larger code sections?. I am currently writing another at the moment on Agile .NET development with SCRUM and XP and would love to incorporate your feedback to make it better. You can find my email address in the about author bit in front of book.


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