WebShell, new web applications framework

 I have released the first beta version of WebShell framework on Codeplex, Which aims to facilitate and improve the process of development by providing new and easy way to build module/component driven applications based on request driven design pattern; so re-usability, integration, system updates and deployment will be done smoothly and faster with respect to market demands changes.

 WebShell has a lot of benefits

  • UI template is cross technologies and platforms
  • Rich UI
  • Component driven design pattern, so reusability and integration with other system is a target
  • Easy to plug/unplug components for systems designed using WebShell
  • Fast to be in track with market changes

  for more information about WebShell you can visit its page at codeplex http://webcommands.codeplex.com/ 

 appreciated any volunteers to go with me to push WebShell to realistic world, volunteer should be aware about inversion of control, RESTful architecture and JQuery. 


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