Visendo SMTP (pop3) Extender for Windows 2008 Server

We are migrating some web server from ppedv to windows 2008. IIS 7 is a great improvement. But as always in live, nothing is perfect and we miss the pop3 server from windows 2003.

Our software "visendo" department  have build several products around pop3 (popconnect) and smtp. So we build an extender for IIS Microsoft SMTP server. So you can now use pop3 client to read mails. The solution consists of a filesystem watcher which is moving from drop to other folder(s) fitting the destination address. We support domain and single account (more than windows 2003). Configuration is done with xml. config file by notepad. Visendo SMTP Extender is developed as service with c++ for performance reasons.

On bottom you find links for download first prototype. Support by blog comments. We will open up a support group on our forums. At the moment product is free an without any warranty.

btw SMTP management is still no part of iis 7 so management is done by old mmc snap in.



  • Hey, this is great news ! Thanks for sharing.

    I use Windows Server 2008 for (SharePoint) development purposes and I don't need or want Exchange (or SBS) to be able to test email integration !

    I am running x64 so pretty please make it available soon ;-)

  • I appreciate this! I use Sharepoint Services 3, and I don't need or want all of the capabilities in Exchnage. Besides, Exchange and Sharepoint don't work well together. I have a small group of 15 people, and load most of the software on 1 server. No other 3rd party apps are used!

  • Thank you very much for sharing this. I do not understand the reason why MS has removed POP3 from win2008.

    I'm selling Business Contact Manager on Outlook, without POP3 server I do not know how to build DEMO kit for customer.

  • Ich kriege den Kram nicht zum Laufen. Was mache ich falsch? Der Dienst wird mit Fehler und einer ellenlangen Nummer beendet. Die Mails landen im BadMail-Verzeichnis!

    Wo ist der Fehler?

  • Hi, Paul

    wegen SMTP extender installations Fehler, kannst du die log dateien von {system_root}\ProgramData\ppedv\Visendo SMTP Extender\Logs an unsere support Team zu senden -support{@}ppedv(dot)de .

  • thanks microsoft for not making pop3 available in windows 2008. so i dont need to upgrade my server. that's really saving my money a lot!

  • why dont load/start the service VisendoSMTPExtender, please help me. I install succefully, but i try to start manually the service and show a message that say the service dont load, but dont explain the reason.

    Please help me.

  • Installation hat ohne Probleme funktioniert. Die Lösung gefällt mir sehr gut. Leider beendet sich der Service immer. Im Log ist nichts zu sehen - ausser einem Hinweis, dass eine EMail-Datei gerade im Zugriff sei. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass nach jedem erfolgreichen Abholen der Mails, der Dienst beendet wird. Gibt es eine Lösung?

  • This works very well in my SharePoint development VM.


  • Thanx You.. Perfect Docs

  • I can't get it to bind to the ServerIP config value. The log file says that it is binding to that IP, however if you do a netstat -an it shows that it bound to an IP that it shouldn't of... Any ideas how to get this to work?

  • @chris: Bind to IP : was a abug - fixed

  • The service stopped working, and the log presents this message:
    "License Expired or user registration missing".

    The same configuration used to work before.

    Do you know what can be wrong?

  • The service stopped working, and the log presents this message

    I have this prob too.. did u solve it?

  • Hi,
    is an new version available, with some fixes and improvements (log archiving, update notification)
    you can get the new builds from :
    x86 version -

    amd64 version -

    please let us know any other issues on

  • Hi,

    I'm Japanese.
    I'm sorry in dirty sentences.

    SMTP Extender ends because of MVSCR80.dll When accessing IMAP_OPEN Function of php.

    Are there any method of settlements?

  • hi,
    The SMTP extender is not supporting IMAP protocol, it's supporting only POP3 in this version.
    thank you letting us know about it.


  • Hi,Thank you for the answer.

    IMAP_OPEN Function of php supports "POP3" Protocol.

    X-mail (Other Mail Server Soft) was able to

    reseive e-Mail by executing the IMAP_OPEN function:

    imap_open("localhost:110/pop3/notls", $user, $pass);

    I want to use "SMTP Extender" for php script

    because "SMTP Extender" setting is easy.

    I am looking forward to the next version.

  • i watch the log, and find it succeed, but how can i use mmc to admin "Visendo SMTP Extender"

  • Hi,
    I get "License Expired or user registration missing".
    Running contents of "" i get nothing visible at all. How to use this free software?

  • how to solve the following problem?

    "When I try to start the service a message appear saying the service has started and stoped. And nothing else happens."

  • "Regarding the Issue with expire time, it was fixed and the new setup it is on "" and it is free." - "your requested page is not longer available!"

  • Email attachments (*.doc) arrive corrupted. Any workaround?

  • after running the .exe from the link, nothing new is visible, and there is log folder C;\users\all users.

    how to solve this?

  • after running the .exe from the link, nothing new is visible, and there is NO log folder C;\users\all users.

    how to solve this?

  • The service does not start automatically, apparently it fails when it attempts to. When I try to start it manually I get the following error [Error 216: 0xd8]. What do I do.

    And pls let me have the link to the latest build.

  • Where can I find the doc on this? I got the service started, but where do I go to manage the e-mail accounts, etc? Thanks.

  • I also have successfully started the service and I am also wanting to setup my Outlook email account. I have replied to my thread on the support forums and await response from the adminstrator. That is unless anyone else knows how to do this.

  • It appears to work properly for outgoing email, but i get an error connecting to incoming email. "Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) email server. I'd really like to get this working!

    Thank you for this! What a lazy oversight by the microsoft team.

  • How do I receive messages in the created pop boxes?

  • I am running VHD server 2008 Enterprise.Using MS Outlook 2007.Can send e-mail but not receiving even it's showing in mailroot/drop folder.
    I changed visendosmtpexteder.config, below

    SMTP Virtual Server DOMAIN : solution.loc



  • When sent to server 'CAPA' command Visendo SMTP Extender service stopped.

    You can reproduce it by Telnet manually or Thunderbird mail client (cause it sends CAPA command by default)

    If sombody find solution please help.

  • Trying to install on Server 2008 64 bits and gettign this error. What can I do to fix it?

    #Software: ppedv VisendoPopConnectService
    #Version: x64
    #Windows Version: Service Pack 2, v.286 (Build 6002)
    #Date: 2009-06-10 20:52:28
    #Fields: Date Time sendreceive status pop account bytes from to
    #Date: 2009-06-10 20:52:28
    CNTService::Install, Failed call to open SCM, Error:5, Access is denied.

    : OK

  • Hi, when installing the extender, It finishes successfully and I've selected "Launch Visendo" in the end of installer. Then I've got "Access Denied" message.
    When starting the service from the SMTPExtenderAdmin, the following is logged:

    2009-06-25 20:31:19 OpenService error 6 :The handle is invalid.
    2009-06-25 20:31:23 StartService error 6 :The handle is invalid.
    2009-06-25 20:31:24 1060 :The specified service does not exist as an installed service.

    BTW, when using the SMTPExtenderAdmin tool, it doesn't allow to configure IP Address, so I had to do that into the .config file.

    Any help?

  • I have this service running and can receive email via pop3. However when I run SMTPExtenderAdmin.exe I get an entry point not found in MSVCP90.dll. DO I need to install C++ libraries or a run-time? Any advice will be gratefully accepted. I am still mad that Microsoft removed the POP3 service, as I runn several organisations utilising this service.

  • Downloading vcredist_x64.exe SP1 has fixed the problem. Looks like the out of the box Windows 2008 standard server install doesn't load the C++ run-time files.

  • The application worked fine but then after 4 days just stopped recording a single error

    2009-08-03 00:18:15 No network resources available.

    The configuration hasn't chnaged but it appears that the application is not finding or processing the xml config file. This is causing great pain as we can't find a solution to it. Platform Win2008 x64

  • This doesn't work... I tried the link in the blog post as well as the latest build from the comments and neither work. The first one installs ok but then errors out about not having permissions for a service. The second one doesn't even open the installer, it errors out that the side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Don't waste your time on this, find another solution!

  • I'm shocked. This is absolutely ...! Is there anyone who has running this service. I don't think so.

  • - issues installing and getting it to work on win 2k8 - read all of above...but - on admin interface I can not set the IP address (multihomed system) - set in .config file and still not seen - nothing seems to be listen on the specified port..............

  • Does anyone have a readme file with instruction to install?

  • I have tested the POP3 extender with Outlook 2010.
    If I try to connect to the POP3 Server ist is not possible to connect. In the POP3 Extender log is nothing to see.
    Other clients are working without any problems. Is there a solution.

  • Mailbox folder does not exist C:\inetpub\mailroot\drop\

  • i already installed Visendo SMTP (pop3) Extender for Windows 2008 Server . i can send email but i cant retrieve.
    the *.EML stay in C:\inetpub\mailroot\drop\

    but make i folder in C:\inetpub\mailroot\drop\acount_domain_com\ . as i copy the *.EML files in C:\inetpub\mailroot\drop\acount_domain_com\ the outlook recieves the e- mail i send.

    note: *.EML are the e-mail i send.

  • Great work, regards!

  • It is not possible to send an email to multiple email addresses. Only the first name in the adress list receives the email.

  • Can someone help. i can't get this working.
    I've edited the config and service starts but unable to setup mail account in outlook.
    Please help.


  • Hi Karen,

    you can create an simple outlook account, with pop3 server type and use the machine where smtpextender is installed as server name, port 110, if you didn't set another one in the config.

    As user name you can use full email address, and as password what you set.
    For datailed issues info, let us know at support{@}

    visendo team

  • Extender doesn't work with outlook 2010. But with the same settings work with outlook 2007. May someone have solution?

  • It seems that this tool will not work with Outlook 2010.

    Any ideas to get this running?

  • thanks for this good tool

  • After installing the tool when i try to start the visendo service, im getting a message "Services stopped and started. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other programs". I checked my log file. No entry is there.

  • While adding second account im getting following error
    your email server rejected your login , access denied
    Do we require any permissions for the account


  • Can anyone assist with the configuration of this... I am running server 2008 R2 and the mail is coming in file and getting into the correct drop folders. I can not connect to it however through any email client I tried outlook 2007 and thunderbird. If i open the drop folder i can see the emails fine however. What is required to connect a pop 3 client to the extender on server 2008 R2

  • i configured everything successfully but i could not receive mails

  • Iam getting the below error when starting the service

    The service did not respond to start or control request in a timely fashion

  • Hi Joseph,

    try to update the smtp extender using the integrated updater, and check following post about more infos :

  • No debieron quitar el POP3

  • HI
    HOW ICAN FINFIGURE poop3 & smtp in win server 2008 R2

  • Hi, I need to setup a isoltated network mail system, thank you.

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