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As i've been using Reporting Services for some time now several pepole asked me where they can get  demos and extentions to some of its features.
Here are some great samples i've found... i will try to gather a storage place and add some of my own too.

Reporting Services - Dynamic Sort Example
Simple example showing how to sort using parameters and by clicking on a column header

Reporting Services - Rounding out MS BI Platform
This white paper is an attempt to analyze the enterprise reporting landscape in general and SQL server reporting services in particular. It also covers the Business Intelligence (BI) platform since enterprise reporting is an integral part of BI. First four sections of the white paper deal with essentials of enterprise reporting in the decision making process of an organization as well as the current market trends in enterprise reporting. Subsequent sections provide a glimpse of the Microsoft’s SQL Server reporting services and case studies.

Build an XML Data Extension for SQL Server Reporting Services
Get to know the main features of SQL Server Reporting Services and learn how to extend it with an XML Data Provider Extension.

HTTP Image data extension for SQL Server Reporting Services
This HTTPImageDataExtension permits to load from a remote server through HTTP connection one image to render into a report built with SQL Server Reporting Services. You can load images with an URL like or with parameters

Custom Dataset Data Extension for Microsoft Reporting Services
Version 1.0 of Reporting Service doesn’t support natively binding and reporting off application .NET datasets. However, the RS extensible architecture allows developers to write a custom data extension, which could expose the dataset as a report data source. This custom dataset extension allows the application to pass the serialized to XML copy of the dataset to the Report Server. For example, a report consumer application could retrieve a dataset during runtime, e.g. from a data layer, and generate a report from it.

Multi-select listbox sample for SQL server Reporting Services parameters 
example of passing multi-selection parameters to a report. It also contains a process for dynamically generating parameter controls at runtime based on metadata stored in a tables

Using ADO.NET DataSets from SQL 2000 Reporting Services 
Another implementation of Dataset Extention

Rohancragg had added in his WebLog some more links to RS Extentions... so here they are:
File Share Extension
XML Data Extension
Clarification on the Placement of CodeGroup Elements for Extensions
How hard is it to write Reporting Services extensions?

 Update: For starters : Introduction to Reporting Services Article by Atilla Ozgur on Code Project


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