Who is Locking my file ???

Have you ever tried to copy a DLL and had an "Access Denied" or "Shared Violation" error? Did you have to reboot everytime you needed to upgrade a DLL?

If yes, this program is for you!

Who'sLocking? is a a development / system management tool to find which process is locking a DLL.

Whenever a process loads a module (DLL), it locks the DLL and no other process can delete and/or write in it: you get "Sharing Violation" errors (or "Access Denied").

Once you know the name of the process who's locking your DLL, you can stop this process and have full access to the DLL module. There's no need to reboot your system anymore...

Have I mentioned its freeware with source code ?

Check it here


  • You owe it to yourself to download Sysinternals' Process Explorer! See 'Find/File Handle...'. You can search by partial name and close the handle without killing the process (dangerous but effective). I've used it to wressle .pdb files from the clutches of Visual Studio many a time.

  • I know sysinternals utils... and I LOVE THEM.... i just find this util small... easy to use... and install.

    Thnks for the comments.

  • The url is dead, and I dont see he program anymore

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