.NET Enterprise Services Performance

On March 2004 an atricle about .NET Enterprise Services Performance was published on msdn in this article you can see the performance of native COM+ and .NET Enterprise Services components when applied to different activation and calling patterns. Get guidelines to make .NET Enterprise Services components execute just as quickly as C++ COM+ components, and get key recommendations to help you create high-performance .NET Enterprise Service components


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  • Yeah, they also claim XCOPY deployment with .Net enterprise services, but do NOT tell you that for the ServicedComponents to self register, you have to regasm them... smacks of regsvr32 in Vb/Com world... and is NOT true xcopy deployment.

    Case in point, use a servicedcomponent in an asp.net application... the ASPNET account doesnt have enough rights to self register the servicedcomponent in COM+ so it fails.

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