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Visual SourceSafe 2005 will be availabe with the release of Visual Studio 2005, it will be more highly refined and integrated version control system that adds new and expanded capabilities for teams and individuals. Following minor changes in Visual SourceSafe 6.0d (released with Visual Studio .NET 2003), Microsoft is making more enhancements for Visual SourceSafe 2005. These fundamental changes will improve the reliability, scalability, performance, and remote access capabilities of Visual SourceSafe.

Support for Larger Projects and Distributed Teams Software efforts that are increasingly global in nature span time zones, domains, and continents. Visual SourceSafe 2005 is changing to address the needs of these global teams:

· Remote Web Access over HTTP
Use Visual Studio to connect to Visual SourceSafe databases from anywhere in the world where HTTP or HTTPS Web access is available. (Requires Visual Studio 2005, IIS, and ASP .NET).

· Enhanced Performance and Stability.
Work faster with significantly improved LAN access speeds, particularly when using Visual SourceSafe along with Visual Studio in slow and remote RAS configurations. While maintaining the compatibility of its current client-based file share architecture, Visual SourceSafe provides significantly faster access speeds for common operations, particularly improving performance in slow and remote network situations. Robust improvements reduce the need to analyze, administer, and repair databases.

· Increased Capacity.
Data storage is increased to 4 GB, and archive limits are also enlarged.

· Regional Time Zones and Languages.
View file change histories adjusted to your local regional time zone while maintaining a separate audit log of changes synchronized to the server reference clock. Customize the user interface with any specified language and font.

Enhanced Customization
Teams can take advantage of new automation and extensibility features to automate their processes and extend the functionality of Visual SourceSafe:

· Support for Custom Viewers, Merge Tools, and Editors.
Use the new plug-in editor/viewer feature to compare and view source code and document differences using any third party or custom tool.

· Managed Code Extensibility.
Use the .NET Programmable Interop Assemblies (PIA) for Visual SourceSafe automation to further extend Visual SourceSafe with new functionality that can be developed using Visual C#® and Visual Basic® .NET.

· Automate Your Team Processes.
Use events, such as OnBeforeCheckout or OnAfterCheckIn to automate your process. Leverage the new MSBuild tool by creating custom tasks that retrieve and download source code files before building them with an automated build.

Web Development and Productivity Improvements
Visual Studio source control integration for Visual SourceSafe was updated to improve developer productivity, particularly when developing Web services and Web sites:

· Unicode and XML Support.
When developing ASP.NET Web services with previous versions of Visual SourceSafe, all XML files such as Web.config, *.wsdl, *.disco, *.map, and others were stored as a binary format in Visual SourceSafe. This meant that only one developer at a time could modify or check-out those files, limiting the possibilities for parallel development tasks. Also, Visual SourceSafe could not be used to compare or merge those XML files stored as binary. Using Visual SourceSafe 2005, developers can now store, compare, and merge UTF-8 and Unicode-encoded file content, including XML files. Using the multiple check-outs functionality, developers can simultaneously work on parallel development tasks and merge the results.

· Check Out Improvements.
Visual SourceSafe and Visual Studio are even better together through continued innovations to the integrated source code control experience in Visual Studio, including the ability to check out a file from a local Working Folder directory without requiring the network download of the latest version of the file from the Visual SourceSafe database. Within Visual Studio, check outs are now automatic and prompting is reduced.

· Web Project Enhancements.
Take advantage of greater flexibility in specifying project locations, and synchronize renamed or deleted files within Visual Studio. Open and browse source-controlled projects using the standard Open Project dialog. 

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