Microsoft EMEA 2006 Connect

I’ve returned last Thursday from Microsoft EMEA 2006 Connect event held this year at the Four Seasons Resort in Provence.

What is the event all about? It's all about connecting Microsoft Developer Community to Microsoft. This year the theme of the event was Security and as such we had the following lectures :

Security, Microsoft's Perspective delivered by Alexander Holy and Hans Verbeeck
Process Based, Holistic Security by Rafal Lukawiecki
Security Sharing by Alexander and Hans
Windows Communication Foundation by Clemens Vasters
Surface Ecologies in the Home by Alex Taylor

Who was there with me ?

Nimrod Luria - 2B Secure
Manu - Sela Group


What is the most significant thing we’ve learned in this event ?

French Food SUCKS! They know how to make deserts but only deserts… I’ll bring some sandwiches from home next time (and it’s not only me who felt in diet over there…)

What else have we learned there ?

Well Human Football rocks !

Check out my team playing against Clemens Vasters team :-)

Did I learn something shocking ?

Yes ! Clemans Vasters can finish his food while talking & drinking and you can’t even notice it !
I learned this shocking fact while having dinner with Clemens and some other guys… actually we were there Christian, Muslim & Jews – Semi Microsoft Universal Peace Conference :-)


Some serious words…

The event theme was about security and I was a little bit disappointed not to see there any other Developer Security MVP’s but anyhow we had a good discussions and made several connections with other community leaders.

Dave Mc have some more pictures from the conference on his blog [Thanks Christopher for the link]

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