How to remove MSI dependency on .NET Framework 1.1

I wanted to install some tools for my presentation about Developer's Toolbox at the Oracle .Net Forum and one of the tools that I wanted to show was Roy's regulator.

The regulator was developed and packed via the Visual Studio 2003 Setup Project and the the msi included dependency on Framework 1.1.

Currently I'm using Vista which includes .Net Framework 2.0 (in most cases it is compatible with .Net Framework 1.1 assemblies) and I didn't want to install .net Framework 1.1 on my vista machine.

If I had the binaries at had it would have been simple job as to redirect .net 1.1 binaries to .net 2.0 framework you can just add the <supportedRuntime> and <requiredRuntime> to the application configuration (more info on that here) but my problem was that I didn't have the binaries and only composed msi which doesn't read any configuration file and does let me install it as it include restriction inside.


I had to do some low level moves... using Orca msi editor I was able to open the msi file... scroll down to the last msi table and remove the restriction and walla... I was able to install the msi on my vista machine... and yep its working perfectly.


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