The Vista ScreenSaver Mystery Is Over

Since I've installed Vista on both of my laptop & desktop I just couldn't figure out what happened to the screen saver, It seems that it just refused to start up although I was able to preview.

This issue was driving me insane as I couldn't spot what was causing the screen saver not to start, after deep investigation it turned out that the problem is due to a defected driver of the Microsoft Wireless Receiver which is part of both of my wireless mices (Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 - Notebook & Desktop editions)

If you unplug the receiver the screen saver comes back to life !

It is funny that Microsoft QA haven't spotted this on their Vista QA hardware tests as it is Microsoft's hardware... they can't blame in this case a 3rd party to not support Vista.

Current solution : Buy a Logitech G7 Laser Mouse as Microsoft's support say it is a known defect but they have no plans to fix the issue.


  • I'm having the same problem. Which Microsoft support site informed you that they had no plans to fix the problem? I find that unacceptable that they have a compatatibility problem between "their mouse" and "their operating sytem" that they have no plan to resolve.

  • Any new info on this? I read that it was the beta mouse or keyboard driver. Now that the keyboard and mouse driver are not beta any more, Microsoft doesn't seem to have any more record of this problem on their site, but I still have the problem.

  • I have a Logitech MX1000 (also wireless) and I have the same issue. If I close the Logitech icon in the system tray it is resolved, but then I lose some functionality. Not much fun.

  • LOL. Microsoft hardware is fantastic until you need a new set of drivers. Let's say, XP x64 or Vista. Then you can basically "go swivel" as far as Microsoft is concerned.

    They almost always outsource a lot of this stuff so they have no way to update the drivers once they update their own operating systems.

    The most interesting recent one was that they force-updated XP to IE7, which broke their fingerprint readers. It took them 4 months after IE7 release to get a new set of software out even though they knew about the problem for at least 6 months prior to release. Sadly, the new software is a total bug-fest and completely unuseable, so they've basically just invalidated an entire piece of hardware.

  • I have a new Dell PC, loaded with Vista, all of one week old. Things worked okay, until the dreadful Sonic Solutions DLA warning kept on coming up...I've since solved THAT problem. I also noticed the screensaver problem, but then again the mouse that came with the PC was not a problem at all. My husband bought a MS Laser Wireless mouse 6000...I did go around that problem by downloading Webshots. Absolutely stunning pictures and the screensaver comes on upon Ctrl+Shift+S. I can also use a similar shortcut to cycle my wallpaper. The trick is that it doesn't give me the option of passwording, which works fine with my PC as I'm the only one using it. Just a thought.

  • That's really strange. I was wondering what causes this problem. I have the same issue here on my pc with the MS Wireless Multimedia Keyboard. But it sound like a joke, that ms don't want to fix it. It's their product which is causing the trouble. Hope they think about it.

  • The fix for the Vista Screensaver Issue is the Microsoft HID Non-User Input Data Filter KnowledgeBase Article ID : 913405

    Applied this to my Vista Home Premium and the issue is resolved. Screensaver now works fine.

  • Where can I find the HID Non-user Input Data Filter?

  • Does anyone have the issue where the screen turns black except for the bottom bar. Eventually a message appears saying that the screen saver will not start. And the only solution I can find is to restart the computer?

    I've disabled the screen saver completely now.

    It worked fine for several weeks and just started doing this a couple days ago.... strange!

  • I have Vista Home Premium and have experienced problems with my screensaver - but I have no wireless equipment connected. I traced my problem to the usb internet phone (USRobotics 9602). As soon as this is disconnected, my screensaver works.

  • I have a factory loaded version of vista and have a problem with the screen saver starting at set time but then only running a few minutes and stopping. I have removed wireless Logitech LX7 mouse and replaced with ms wired optical mouse and still have same problem. The issue with being wireless doesn't seem to be the problem.

  • Temp Fix

    More info from Microsoft: It looks like this problem is isolated to the Laser Mouse receivers and interaction between them and then the HID drivers in Windows.

    I've been able to make my Wireless Mouse work by disabling:

    HID-compliant Consumer Control Device

    in device manager. This driver provides additional information to advanced devices like the Intellimouse so you can see battery status and a few other settings of the device. I see no ill effects by disabling this driver and it has fixed the problems with Intellisense.

    Unofficial word from Microsoft is that they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix which should arrive with Windows Update - 'soon'.

  • This worked for me: Install the Microsoft Windows update that appears as Optional Hardware Update and has the following title: Microsoft HID Non-User Input Data Filter

  • Just to verify... Microsoft HID Non-User Input Data Filter update kicks this problem's butt. Thanks for the heads up, guys.

  • Hi there!

    I have this same problem, although I have the Logitech MX Revolution (BlueTooth) mouse.

    The screensaver crashes right at the start.

    What have I done so fa:

    1. I have disabled from Services this HID (by running Services.msc from Start->Search and then from the list I disabled the HID service)

    2. I have uninstalled Logitech SetPoint software.

    3. My Vista doesn't find this update "HID Non-User Input Data Filter", I guess because I don't have Microsoft mouse?

    Below is the error report I get from the Crash. (I translated from finnish, so the terms might be a bit different..9

    Please, help! Very annoying problem!

    Problem ID:
    Event name: APPCRASH
    Application: PhotoScreensaver.scr
    Version: 6.0.6000.16510
    Timestamp: 467b2825
    errormodule: StackHash_1703
    errormodule version:
    errormodule timestamp: 00000000
    exception code: c0000005
    exception's exception?: 04bcb5ed
    OS version: 6.0.6000.
    Local ID: 1035
    additional info 1: 1703
    additional info 2: 2264db07e74365624c50317d7b856ae9
    additional info 3: 1344
    additional info 4: 875fa2ef9d2bdca96466e8af55d1ae6e

  • HID Non-User Input Data Filter update worked for me too!

  • The HID-compliant Consumer Control Device fix worked for me. Thanks guys and gals!

    I don't have either of the items they're talking about in KnowledgeBase Article ID : 913405.

    Why oh why won't they fix this??

  • I thought it might be this... but I thought I would google it first. Well done. Microsoft needs to start focusing on customer support more.

  • I am glad i saw this thread. I also having similar problem after my vista went into screensaver mode. After awhile, it just dun come back to life and i am using the same MS Wireless Mouse! Damm it.

  • so far so good ,lets wait and see .thanks guys.

  • well it seems to only work from one usb post when i have the receiver in one of the other 3 usb ports the screensaver does not come on i have downloaded the update and it onlt works from the one usb port ?? any ideas??

  • I am using a Ms Notebook 3000 mouse also, and had the same problem with the screensaver not working. I had just installed a fresh copy of vista on my system.
    All I did was install the Intellimouse 6.2 drivers (for my Notebook 3000), and the problem was solved.
    In my experience, and I have alot, Vista, unlike XP, won't recognize and install all hardware drivers, unfortunately. Sad thing, it reminds me alot of Windows98. So for most problems I just install the proper drivers/software made specificly for that particular hardware, made for Vista.

  • I've just downloaded the Microsoft HID Non-User Input Data Filter and it's in cabinet file form or something and just wondered, if that means it's installed or whether i have to move it somewhere, i dunno?
    Hope somoe can help!

  • I had the same problem with my MS wireless notebook optical mouse 3000. The funny thing is, there was no problem after I bought the device for my Dell Vostro. It only occured after I reinstalled my laptop with the recovery partition before installing Vista SP1. But installing the dedicated Microsoft Intellipoint software solved it.

  • thanks to all the previous post's...
    Thought my brandnew DELL was giving me issues... turns out it was vista and my MS wireless optical 2000.
    downloaded the software @
    all good and the screen saver works fine...

  • OK, I have read all of the posts here and tried all of the fixes but it is still not working. I am using a logitech Nano and Vista Ult. The MS HID update is not available. Before I disabled the HID compliant consumer control device it would not even show the preview. Aft I disabled it I can get the preview but the screen save never comes on.

    Anymore Ideas?

  • Problem was the screensaver wouldn't auto start. Also It wouldn't stay asleep either.

    I have a PS/2 connected mouse and keyboard so it wasn't the HID non-user input filter that was needed.

    What was happening was the network adapter kept waking up the computer and resetting the screensaver timer.

    To Fix:

    1. Click "Start/Control Panel/System/Device Manager

    2. Under "Network Adapters" is your particular "Ethernet NIC"

    Right-click and choose "Properties"

    3. Click "Power Management" tab

    4. Un-Check "Allow this device to wake computer"

    5. Click "OK"



  • Had the same issue with Vista Home Premium where the screen save would not activate. Tried the option of downloading the new drivers (refer to KB's entry of April 3, 2008) from microsoft. Even used KB's link. Everything went smoothly and the screen save now activates. One more Vista mystery solved.

  • On my vista if Windows media player is playing music the screen saver never starts.

  • i should of got a MAC........ FFFF bill gates its your own dame mouses that dont work and you cant fix the problem..

  • kb's link to microsoft site to download the drivers worked for me. Funny how only until I ran across this page did it even dawn on me that the new Microsoft Laptop 3000 wireless mouse was causing my problem.
    Why would a microsoft wireless mouse not work on vista without a patch is beyond me :)

  • I have a problem with the scrensaver.... I hava windows vista. the screensaver options on the control panel are disable but I don't know how did it happen... I can't change the screensaver, the wallpaper, the icons on the desktop, it always pop up a message that says something like the screensaver options were disable by the manager of the PC.
    I don't know how to enable my screensaver again
    please help me!!!!!!!

  • I was having the same problem for a long time. The link from April 3 from kb worked within a minute. Thanks so much. Really does suck no patch was issued. I would never have thought it being the mouse. Thanks for all the help

  • I got the same problem for 4 months,but it's over now.Just unplug your system,remove the battery,and press the power button for 30 seconds.Then insert the battery and plug in the power cord,and restart the computer then check your screensaver settings.Hope this helps.This is for the Laptops.

  • Print these instructions and close out your internet browser.
    Intructions: Reset all auto play settings to default (click on the "Reset all default" tab to do this). Restart computer. Update and installl if necessary USB/HID compliant mouse drivers. Restart computer. Do not open any programs except the screen saver settings program. Choose and set up a sreensaver type i.e. 3D Text, select a time for the screen saver to turn on (default is 10mins), click apply. Close screen saver settings window and any other windows or applications currently running on your computer. At this point do not do anything, do not touch anything, just wait for the time you have set for the screensaver to turn on to pass and note if screensaver turns on at that time. The autoplay settings for a particular function determine if that function is running in the background or not. When one of these functions i.e. a DVD player such as, Cyberlink or Nero is selected as the autoplay then that function may run continuously in the background and the screensaver program will detect it as always running and will not turn on. You will have to deter-mine to manually open an autoplay function or select it for autoplay and see how it affects the screensaver. Historically the screensaver was developed to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and Plasma monitors and does not adversely affect burn in on LED monitors. You decide if you need this process or not on your computer. In any event, do not let a screensaver run for extended periods of time as this will reduce LCD life. If you are not using the computer, turn it off.

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