Huthaifa Afanah

Huthaifa Afanah is living in Jerusalem and enjoying his time developing applications

  • Microsoft TechDays in Palestine

    For the first time in Palestine , Microsoft in cooperation with PalDev community will present 3 TechDays in Hebron, Ramallah and Nablus from 1st November till 3rd November. The main activity in the event will be the Official Launch of Windows 7 and Imagine Cup 2010. Other topics in the event will be as the following :

  • In Hebron “Introduction to VS2008 & ASP.NET” session

    As part of PalDev activities I was in Hebron this Saturday to deliver a “Introduction to VS2008 & ASP.NET” session for the PPU –Palestine Polytechnic University – CS and IT students. The workshop was held in Friends of Fawzi Kawash IT Center of Excellence (FFKITCE). We stopped the event registration process after 65 person was registered regarding the room limitation and we also emailed the latest 25 person that the priority will be given for those who registered earlier and we will re-hold a similar event for those who could not attend.

  • The Gu is Back!! with new Multilingual version!!

    Yesterday I checked my RSS feed and found that Scott Guthrie announced that he is starting a new series of posts. That was a great news to hear. Scott is one of the most popular Microsoft managers. He is one of those who played a core role developing Microsoft web platform even the whole .NET framework. He leads core .NET libraries,WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MCV, Sliverlight and IIS teams.

  • Hosting Multiple websites/applications on IIS – Part 1

    IIS is the lonely web server –rather than web development server - in the Microsoft stack and the most recent one IIS7 add more flexibility, control and ease of use to IIS. There is a bunch of concepts need to be clear in mind when it comes to host information and pages on IIS to allow sharing then over the Internet, an intranet or an extranet. To host data you on IIS you will use websites, application and virtual directories. Those concepts was hanging around from previous versions.

  • Funny SSMS Error Message

    Hello All … today morning one of my collogues called me to check a problem in his machine when starting SQL Server Management Studio. This strange and funny error occurred after he installed windows updates. Anyway I could not understand the issue rather than solving it.

  • To Microsoft or not To Microsoft

    In 1600 Shakespeare wrote “To be or not to be, that is the question” in his famous and well know play “Hamlet”. I will twist this statement a bit “To Microsoft or not To Microsoft, that is the question”.

  • Tips & Tricks: Details View and Read-only Fields

    One of the flexible and new features came with ASP.NET 2.0 was DetailsView control. This data bound control is used to display the values of a single record from a data source in an HTML table, where each table row represents a field of the record. The DetailsView control allows you to edit, delete, and insert records. In this post I will explain an issue related with Read-only data fields.

  • ASP.NET site crashed today!!

    Today while I am navigating through the Internet I visited the as usual. Then I moved to the site and surprise the ASP.Net site seems to have some problems. This problem seems to be solved very fast but I catch it. Notice the date and time below the image

  • Embedded Resources difference between VB.NET and C# projects

    While I am developing a custom web control to extend the default validation summary I used some images within this control. One of the nice features and solutions came with ASP.NET 2.0 to address this problem is using web resources. So I embedded these images in my custom control assembly and used the Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl to resolve their URL's.