The worst of all worlds

Addy Santo points out a very distrubing proposition by Luke Hutteman - that we should promote a chain letter / spam between blogs in order  (ostensibly) to gain visibility for blogs.  I agree with Addy, and the numerous commentors on his and Luke's blogs, that this is a bad idea.  I do not need more noise and useless emails/postings in my inbox. 

Blogs are great for sharing information and even for self-expression.  But I see too many blogs out there whose goal is primariliy along the lines of self-aggrandizement ("Look at me, I'm great") and simply an effort to win some virtual popularity contest.

I think this is summed up very well by Jason's comment on Luke's blog:

"Wow, this is a horrible thing to do. It combines all the great features of chain letters and google spamming into one little package. If you want your blog to get noticed, try frequently writing content that lots of people care about."



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