Migrating from VB6 to VB.NET Content Available Online

As many of you probably know, one of my main areas of interest and expertise is migrating both applications and developers from VB6 to VB.NET.  It is a topic that I have spent alot of time researching, thinking, and presenting. 

Back in November / December, I did a 10-stop VB Upgrade speaking tour for Microsoft throughout Europe, presenting a 1-day (and 1-man) seminar that I prepared.  For that tour, we produced a CD that contained the presentation PPTs, demos, and recordings of the presentations.  Thanks to Yosi Taguri of Microsoft Israel, the contents of that CD is available online here.

Another neat project I did for Microsoft was to develop a Hands-On Lab (HOL) for Upgrading a VB6 application to VB.NET, to be made available to all of the attendees of TechEd US and TechEd Europe. 


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  • there's an error with the "Presentation" link in the Making the move section. Instead of linking to Makingthemove.ppt this link is linking to Media.zip

    Great content, good slides and examples ;)

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