October 2010 meeting of the Israel Dot Net Developers User Group

Our October 2010 meeting of the Israel Dot Net Developers User Group will focus on application development for the Windows Phone 7. Our speakers will be Tzvia Gitlin Troyna and Maxim Vainstein of Microsoft Israel.

Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development

WP7 brings a radically new approach to user interface to the phone. In this session we’ll discuss how you can utilize this approach in your application development, enabling the delivery of powerful user experiences that integrate tightly with the overall look and feel of “Metro,” the codename for the Windows Phone design system.

In this session we are going to show you how to create the classic "Hello World" application and introduce you to the tools and procedures required to build and test Windows Phone applications.  During the lecture, you will talk about the hot topics such as: Networking, Storage, Sensors, Multi Touch  and UX.

As always, we'll have our special "Hatzilu" session at our meeting. So please come prepared to discuss your most frustrating problems (or at least some of them!) and to share some of your own techniques and solutions that you have found useful in your applications.

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Important – Note new parking arrangements:

From now on, the entrance to the parking lot is from the East entrance – near the steps and across from the Eged bus station. You need to leave a “Day Pass” in your car window – this can be either your event registration confirmation or the form found at http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/mailersFiles/Parking.pdf If you have not registered for the event, or once the parking is full, you will not be allowed to enter and will need to find alternate (paid) parking.

The September meeting of the Israel Dot Net Developer User Group (IDNDUG)
Wednesday October 20, 2010

Microsoft Israel

2 Hapnina St,

(09) 7625-100

Floor 0 , Dekel Room

It is the building across from Amdocs.

17:30 - 18:00   Assembly
18:00 - 19:15   “Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development – Part 1”  
                      Tzvia Gitlin Troyna and Maxim Vainstein, Microsoft Israel.

19:15 - 19:30   Break
19:30 – 20:30  “Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Development – Part 2”

                      Tzvia Gitlin Troyna and Maxim Vainstein, Microsoft Israel.

About the speakers: 

Tzvia Gitlin Troyna

With 13 years of experience in the software Industry and intensive work with strategic organizations, Tzvia brings unique combination of technology expertise and business value, what made her the ALM (Application Life Cycle) discipline leader at Microsoft Israel.

In her role, Tzvia responsible for Enterprise and Public Sector organizations (EPG & PS), partnership with the academy institutes and business partners channel for MS Development Tools.   Tzvia has an MBA from Tel-Aviv University and she is MAMRAM (IDF) graduated.

Maxim Vainstein

Senior Development Lead in Microsoft Israel (ILDC)

Maxim is working on Windows Phone 7 last year. Prior to Windows Phone 7, Maxim worked on various Microsoft products and fields such as Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft Client & Server side security products. In addition, Maxim is a senior member of ILDC Academic programs, working close to Israel Academic Institutes on research and various student excellence programs. Prior to Microsoft, Maxim took a part in a number of Startup companies, focusing mostly on security and end-user computer health systems.   

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