My Visual Studio 2005 Wallpaper

UPDATE: I've added versions that do not include the icons for each resolution based on feedback. Enjoy.

I'm the type of guy that isn't artistically challenged but, I'm not exactly Michaelangelo, either. So, I spent about 45 minutes tonight making a Visual Studio 2005 Desktop wallpaper since I was getting tired of my old one. I figured I would make different resolution versions of it for anyone else that might want to sport Visual Studio 2005 on their desktop at work. So, follow the links and grab it if you want; below is a small sample of it - I went for the brushed metal look. I'm also thinking of doing a "Vista" Version (glossy Mac OS X look) later.

1600 x 1200     1600x1200 no icons

1280 x 960       1280x960 no icons

1024 x 768       1024x768 no icons


Underneath the text are little images that represent VB, C#, VC++, VJ#, ASP.NET, VSTO, VSTS for Architects, VSTS for Developers, and VSTS for Testers - the product "suite" - if you will.


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