Attended a course by Edward Tufte today

I attended a one-day course by Edward Tufte in San Francisco today where he discussed his ideas about information display. It was very thought-provoking and he is an excellent speaker. As an added bonus, all attendees got to take home his 3 books, which I plan on digging into soon, they look really interesting. If you ever get the chance to attend his courses, I would highly recommend them. All I can really say is that he's changed the way I look at statistical data and data presentation in general. Definitely worth the time and effort it took to attend. Has anyone else been to a Tufte course? His PowerPoint discussion was just brilliant.


  • Lucky SOB - Tufte is the friggin coolest. Did you get any of his artwork?

  • Ya, I got the Minard poster of Napoleon's Army march to Russia and back and also one other one, forgot what it was called. And yeah, Tufte is awesome. It's like the guy know everything about everything.

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